THABO - The Preludes EP


THABO - The Preludes EP


he Preludes

Best thought of as a prequel, The Preludes shed light on the band that started of as Thabo & the Real Deal. We recorded it soon after signing with a major label, however... really appreciate this journey, we have to tell you a little story.

We recorded our first EP in 2011, four stripped down tracks that had no overdubs and sounded exactly like we did on stage: Aron Kyne on fender rhodes, Emmanuel 'Manny' Allert on acoustic guitar with Ali Mac on conga and cajon.

The following year (2012), found us debating whether to head down a more traditional soul route by filling the ‘gaps’ with additional instruments - drums, bass, horns etc. We were reluctant to do so but weren’t sure how our current setup would fair on a stage next to more robust bands.

All that ended when we played our first gig at the Musiquraium, a rustic, industrial venue in Leeds with padded walls specially designed for those who are crazy about live music. The sound engineer was an unassuming gentleman who curated for this establishment. We set up for sound check as usual, mentioning that while we were acoustic, the show was energetic so if he had any spare magic it would be greatly appreciated. He delivered like a fairy godfather and an hour later had us sounding better and ‘hencher’ than we could scarcely believe - so much so that doubts regarding our band setup completely evaporated.

At the beginning of 2013 we released our second EP, a four track affair which featured World War Free - the whole project was recorded, mixed and mastered by the fairy godfather himself, Jam Sponge. That year he also joined us on our live outings as the sound engineer.

In 2014 we signed with Virgin Records and set out to record what would be our debut album. We took off to a remote cottage in Wales and for a fortnight began laying foundations for the project. Over the next few months we worked diligently with Jam Sponge to shape our sound. Unbeknownst to us though, an awakening of sorts was approaching. We experienced first-hand the long-discussed conflict between artists and labels - it was frustrating, confusing and illuminating. We may talk about this one day, but it really boils down to understanding - you see, most artists don't speak ‘label’ and most labels don't speak ‘artist’.

In 2016 we amicably parted ways with Virgin - wiser, grateful and more focused. The journey continues, however we felt it necessary to share this time capsule with you, started in a little cottage in Wales - these sonic photographs were preserved by the fairy godfather himself Jam Sponge. These songs are known to many who have attended our live shows over the years and to them we dedicate The Preludes.

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The Preludes EP

People Of Today

Lottery Ticket

Special Song

No Good Lovin'

Missing You

Walls Crying

Pianos and keyboards - Aron Kyne

Guitars - Emmanuel Allert

Drums & Percussion - Ali Mac

Strings - Kieran O'Malley

Vocals - Thabo Mkwananzi

Produced, mixed & mastered - Jam Sponge